It's a team effort


Aloha! We are Aislinn & Matt Chalker and together, we are Wilde Sparrow Photography; a husband & wife photography team based on the Big Island of Hawaii. We love beach days, sunsets and our two sweet (and totally insane) corgis that we adore.

Aislinn will be your lead photographer and Matt hops along on sessions to assist and second shoot. Matt is also a fully certified FAA Drone pilot and does all our drone work! Read more about us below. 



I'm Aislinn (that's Az-lynn!)

  • An island girl, living the life of my DREAMS in Hawaii
  • Married to the most incredibly talented man!!

  • Fresh cups of coffee and slow Sunday mornings are my jam

  • Breakfast tacos are my spirit animal. Frozen yogurt is a close second

  • In our house, we make ramen at least twice a week

  • I love binge watching Lord of the Rings when I'm editing and I have no idea why #teamfrodo

  • I am also a web designer, and have been creating and building websites since 2005

  • I've called 5 different states home in the past 12 years. #travelbug


Hi, I'm Matt!

  • An Ohio guy who hates snow and doesn't miss it one bit
  • I love woodworking and have begun making custom art pieces (for sale soon!)

  • My mornings start with a cup of Black Tea and cuddles with our puppies

  • I love cooking and experimenting with new recipes!


As Seen In



I love working with real people to capture beautiful moments. My photography style is 90% photojournalistic and 10% everything else. I will capture your story as it unfolds with as little interference as possible. No computer-generated backgrounds, awkward poses, or boring studio backdrops. Just authentically joyful and genuinely real moments. 



We will have fun working together. I will make corny jokes and silly faces from behind the camera. I will listen to your story and to who you are and put my heart into capturing that with integrity. On your wedding day I will be focused and work hard to capture unique details, big laughs and tears of joy. At your family session I will come ready to capture unique personalities, goofy moments and everything in between. I would be so honored to capture your wedding day or a timeless milestone in your family.

Your Session

Every session begins by us getting to know each other. We'll chat for a few minutes before I even take out my camera. This time is essential to capturing real people and their real stories. I don't want anyone I work with to feel like they are merely a time slot in my day. You are so much more than that! Every session and every client is different. I’m excited to learn what inspires you and then discuss any ideas about what you envision for your photos.


The Right Fit

Finding the right photographer is so important. Finding a photographer who appreciates the details and focuses on what’s special to you is essential. First and foremost, I listen to you. I talk to you. Why do you want pictures? What does this season of your life look like? How do you want to remember it? What is most important to you? I want to make sure we are a good fit for each other and that I am the photographer who can best tell your story.