What is your style of photography?

As a photographer, I place more focus on candid moments instead of posed shots. Real over perfect. These photos are usually described as joyful, natural and relaxed - think less forced smiling and looking at the camera with stiff faces, and more natural interactions while joyfully loving on each other!

But don't worry, I'm there to guide you the entire time! I'll direct you into natural positions using prompts and light direction and then let you take it from there. Think tickle fights, splashing in the water, building sand castles and skipping rocks. You're perfect at being yourself and it's those little nuances that I love to photograph!

Where do your sessions take place?

I live and work on the Big Island of Hawaii and my sessions take place along the Waikoloa and Kohala beach shorelines, home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

I have a complete client location guide with details and images for each of my signature locations. These locations have been vetted based on available light, how busy they are and how well they work for families, couples, or maternity clients. You’ll see in the guide that I have specific spots that I recommend for sunrise but do not recommend for sunset, and vice versa. I also have locations that I will not bring small children to due to the unpredictable nature of the tides or danger of the lava rocks.

I'm also happy to make recommendations based on where you'll be staying or the type of scenery you're looking for. 

Do you travel? What are your travel fees?

I regularly travel to Oahu, Maui and Kauai for photo sessions! Travel fees are calculated based on the cost of travel, accommodations and rental car at the destination.

  • Oahu - $200

  • Maui - $350

  • Kauai - $400

Mini sessions are not available outside of the Big Island unless I am booking at least 3 at the travel destination. 

How many people can be on a shoot together?

Mini sessions max out at 5 people with no option for adding on extra persons.

Golden sessions include up to 8 people, but can accommodate up to 14 persons. There is an additional cost of $25 p/person for groups larger than 8 for Golden Sessions.

Legacy Sessions include up to 15 people, but can accommodate up to 30 for that amount of time. There is an additional cost of $25 p/person for groups larger than 15 for Golden Sessions. If there are more than 30 persons, we’ll also need to add on an extra 30 minutes to your session to ensure we have adequate time to get all of the important shots of your family!

I love your work but it is a little bit out of my price range...

Ask about me payment plans!

You can start by putting down as little as $150 down to hold your session date and we can then space out your payments in a way that is comfortable for you. As long as your session fee is covered before your session date, I would be more than happy to work with you on spacing out your payments in a way that works best for your family and finances.

What time are your sessions?

I am a natural light photographer, taking advantage of the beautiful, golden Hawaiian sunshine for each of my sessions. Sessions take place exclusively at sunrise or 1-2 hours before sunset for the best possible light. 

I understand that for some families this might mean a one-time adjustment in your child's schedule, but I assure you it will be worth it! Shooting during this time ensures images are correctly lit and in the style of what you see in my portfolio.

For more information on sunrise vs. sunset photo sessions, check out this blog post.

What Should I Wear to My Session?

Ah yes - the outfit question. I won't pretend choosing your outfits will be easy. I bought and returned at least 12 different outfits for my own engagement session so I feel your pain.

I offer my clients the option to use a wonderful styling service that helps you visualize outfits for your session based on your desired colors and "vibe". It gives you plenty of options (and links to purchase things directly!) and it is completely free for you to use. After you've booked with me, you'll receive your unique client code to access this service. 

And while I want you to spend some time thinking about what you'd like to wear, my quick advice is to avoid neon colors, logos and stripes or plaid. Find something you feel beautiful and fabulous in. Additionally, you can always send me your outfit ideas beforehand and I can give you feedback. 

The point is, I'm here to help! I've made a few guides to help you as your start planning out what to wear.

Can I change my clothes on my shoot?

You absolutely can! Multiple outfits are great, but remember changing clothes is included in the total time of your session. Also note that most beach locations either do not have restrooms, or it is at least a 10 minute walk back to a restroom. Your session time is continuous so if you do want to change, the faster the better!

Booking a longer session ensures you can get lovely pictures of each outfit!

Please also note that I will have bags and equipment to carry and will not be able to carry additional bags for you or keep an eye on your bags during the session.

How do you deliver final images?

I use a fabulous online gallery system to deliver final high resolution digital images to clients.

Every client receives a custom gallery link (password protected by request) that can be easily shared with your friends and family. You can 'favorite' top images, share them on social media and order high quality heirloom prints directly from my professional print lab. It's easy to use and everyone loves it!

Do I get to see all of the final images from my session?

I deliver the best of the best from your session. I remove any images with closed eyes, strange faces, improper lighting, etc… Not all shots that are taken will turn out as planned, and part of my job is delivering a gorgeous final gallery that tells a story and has you all looking your absolute best.

In your final gallery, you can expect to see 1 image per minute of photo-taking time, plus a bit more! So if you booked a 60 minute session, your gallery will average 75 final images. If you book a 30 minute session, your gallery will average 45 final images. Every session is different so I have no way of promising an exact number, but this is a good average based on my years of experience doing this.

Each image in your gallery is individually edited and optimized to match the work you see in my online portfolio. This editing includes color correction, removing people from backgrounds when possible and optimizing exposure and contrast when appropriate. 

Who selects the final images included in my package? How does that work?

Great question! You absolutely get to choose your final images, along with any extras you might want to purchase beyond that. You'll get a fully edited gallery from me of about 1 image per minute of photo-taking time. From there you choose the final images you'd like to have high resolution digital files of. You'll also be able to print any image directly from your gallery, regardless of whether you got the digital file or not. 

You’ll also have the option to purchase additional digital files or upgrade to purchase your entire gallery of digital images directly from your online gallery link.

I want to deliver the best possible images to you and this takes a little time. I hand-edit every final image in your gallery and I am guilty of being a bit of a perfectionist! That being said, my standard editing time is 2 weeks. During busy season (Thanksgiving, Christmas and the summer months) editing time is 3 weeks.

If you need your gallery right away for thank you cards, holiday cards or a special announcement, let me know right away and I can advise whether this is possible or not. A rush fee of $250 is applied to these requests. 

The good news: I love posting sneak peeks! When there is time, I try to post an image on Facebook and Instagram 2-3 days after your session.

Can I get the RAW files?

It is studio policy not deliver or sell the raw, unedited image files. As these files are an unfinished products, they are not an accurate representation of my work or brand. Raw files require special software to open and edit and take time to process and convert into a beautiful final product.

WHat happens if it rains?

I’m ready to shoot, rain or shine!

In the unlikely event that the weather does not cooperate we'll work to find a time to reschedule your session during your trip. Best case scenario is finding a backup location (hopefully at a nearby beach!) where it is not raining and meeting there, but we would make those plans on the day of your session if the weather is not looking good. I'd advise you to leave a little wiggle room in your schedule on the day of your session if it looks like rain so we can be flexible with our plans. If we are truly unable to find a time to reschedule you will receive a full refund.

Heavy rain is unusual, every now and then we will get overcast skies but that actually makes the sunset pictures look even better!

What if I'm running late for my session?

First, please text or email me right away!

Remember, your session is scheduled according to light. It is SO important that we start on time. I suggest arriving early and even having a drink or bite to eat nearby so you don’t begin your experience in a rushed or frazzled state of mind.

If you arrive late for your session, any time that has passed beyond the original start time is forfeited, but we will still shoot for the reminder of the time that is booked. Additionally, the number of photos delivered may be adjusted to reflect the actual time spent together.

WHat if my kids don't cooperate?

Listen – I know I don't always get families on their best days. There is a lot you can do as parents to set children up for success beforehand. Ensure they are well fed. Ask them to help decide what they'd like to wear so they feel included and comfortable. Bring some "bribe snacks" as an emergency backup in case a tantrum happens.

In the end, we'll be doing lots of snuggling and laughing and playing. I try to keep sessions light and easy so I'm always observing how kiddos are doing to ensure they feel comfortable. We'll do our best! 

I saw these cute pictures on pinterest, can we do those?

Here's a secret: those Pinterest dream images you’re envying… those families didn’t plan them exactly that way. We can't plan for spontaneous moments. If you feel strongly about some ideas, tell me beforehand and we talk through it. But you may find that when you see these in your final gallery they will feel forced and out of place with the rest of your images.

The photos you'll cherish the most will be the ones where you are engaged as a family and genuinely loving on each other. And then who knows! Someone may be pinning one of your magical family pictures in the future!

Can you photoshop me?

Photoshop is an amazing tool. I use it to enhance the colors of photos, remove people and objects from the background of your images, and fix little things like that scratch that baby got on his face just before the shoot.

I do not airbrush or 'nip and tuck' as I believe in telling the real story. I believe the beauty of photography is in capturing authenticity, not perfectionism. If you are interested in these services, I assess those requests on an individual photo basis and the starting costs for such edits is $75 p/image.