The Creative Entrepreneur's Guide to SEO

The Creative Entrepreneur's Guide to SEO


You’ve spent time and money building a website you are proud of for your business, but it’s just not driving traffic like you know it should be. Does this sound like you?

How amazing would it be to not just grow your website audience reach....but actually get customers from it?! You know - the whole purpose of having a website in the first place!

SEO does not need to be complicated. It is learnable. And more importantly, it is essential having a successful online presence for your business.

What’s included in this guide?

  • A breakdown of exactly what SEO is in easy-to-understand terms.

  • Worksheets and guides to help you define your business keywords

  • Allll the details you need to know about images on your website (and what you’re probably doing wrong!)

  • A breakdown of the importance of blogging plus worksheets to help you craft a monthly blogging strategy.

  • A rundown of page titles, URLs, Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics

  • Plus, so much more!

How will it change your business?

  • Do you really want to rely on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest for your web traffic? What if those websites go down? Learn how to OWN your online presence with SEO techniques you can start implementing today.

  • Learn what keywords make sense for your business and audience and more importantly what to do with those keywords.

  • Get ready for a whole new skillset that’s going to help you get more traffic, which will lead to more bookings.

In this guide and workbook, we take it step-by-step and you can go at your own pace. You’ll get clear and simple explanations along with worksheets and examples to teach you everything you need to know. Once you've purchased this class you'll get a download of a PDF guide that covers everything! You’ll also get a bonus 17 minute video walking you through my exact Photoshop export settings for website friendly images.

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I am a photographer and web designer working in the creative field. The language and examples within the guide cater to creative entrepreneurs such as photographers, florists, bloggers, wedding planners, etc... but the information and knowledge can be helpful to any professional working in the creative industry.

This guide is ideal for anyone who doesn't know where to start when it comes to optimizing their website for SEO. You will need basic computer skills, and it is helpful if you know how to make edits to your site such as uploading images and creating blog posts (but nothing too techy, I promise).


  • A downloadable pdf file

  • A 17-minute video walkthrough of Photoshop Export Settings

  • Tested strategies to boost your search engine rankings


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