a snapshot of you

Just As You Are


Connection Over Perfection

If you are looking for perfect then a studio portrait session may be a better fit for you. Honestly, I simply cannot offer you perfection. Partly because I don’t believe perfection exists and because I truly have no control over the weather! If the most important thing to you is that every single hair is in place and no one gets sand on their clothes, we may not be right for each other. Many years ago, creating the perfect photo was my ultimate goal, but it was a pursuit that left me feeling like a failure.

Now, I focus on connection instead of perfection. I believe that everyone deserves photographs that are genuine and offer a snapshot of time well spent together. At the beach for your session, I hope the idea of some water on your clothes and wind in your hair sounds FUN, not terrifying. I hope that tickle fights under palm trees and tender walks along the water at sunset sound dreamy, and not dull. Because while I can't offer perfect, I can provide you with a chance to slow down and be present with one another. You deserve that.

Let's Not Be Strangers

Every session begins by us getting to know each other. We'll chat for a few minutes before I even take out my camera. This time is essential to capturing real people and their real stories. Connecting with people and documenting life's real moments fills my heart. I don't want anyone I work with to feel like they are merely a time slot in my day. You are so much more than that! Every session and every client is different. I’m excited to learn what inspires you and then discuss any ideas about what you envision for your photos.


The Right Fit

Finding the right photographer is so important. Finding a photographer who focuses on what’s special to you is essential. First and foremost, I listen to you. I talk to you. Why do you want pictures? What drew you to my work? What does this season of your life look like? How do you want to remember yourself? Your family? Your partner?

Creating one of a kind images that showcase the most authentic YOU is what we're all about. You can leave those forced "oh-my-god-I-hate-having-my-picture-taken" smiles at home and come ready to dance barefoot in the ocean, get your clothes wet and embrace a true “messy hair, don’t care” attitude. I’m the photographer you call for sun-soaked images bursting with life. I’m not the one you call for a traditional posed (stiff) portraits and that’s the way I like it. If that sounds good to you - what are we even waiting for?!


Photography is very natural to me. I have spent years perfecting my photography style which has been described as organic, vibrant and joyful. My photography style is 90% lifestyle and 10% everything else. Lifestyle to me means that while I control and direct the scene, I allow for natural personalities to shine through without over-posing any moments. No awkward poses, no stiff smiles. To do this, I spend a lot of time guiding you into real moments. We’ll get wet, run into the ocean together, and enjoy the quiet and tender ones as well.

I’ll be honest, my sessions are not for those who only want traditional, posed, everyone-smiling-looking photos. We’ll get a few of those, but they are not the focus of our time together. But don't worry, I won't leave you standing there trying to figure out what to do with your hands! I focus on moving you into "unposed moments" where you can feel comfortable being 100% you.



Capturing moments of realness is what we're all about. My focus is not to create as many 'instagram worthy' images as possible. Instead, I strive to create a comfortable space where you can laugh out loud, smile till your face hurts and get lost in the beauty of paradise. All the while I am clicking away. I will make corny jokes and silly faces from behind the camera. I will listen to your story and to who you are and put my heart into capturing that with integrity. I will come ready to capture unique personalities, goofy moments and everything in between. I will be focused and work hard to capture unique details, big laughs and tears of joy. 


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